About Dr. James Murtagh

University of Michigan alumnus Dr. James Murtagh graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. After finishing his undergraduate program in two years, Dr. James Murtagh enrolled in a six-year medical program. Since 2010, Dr. James Murtagh has acted as Medical Director at SleepCare Diagnostics in Cincinnati, Ohio. A recognized expert in sleeping disorders such as snoring, sleep apnea, and more, Dr. Murtagh regularly contributes to multiple publications, including magazines, journals, and books.

Dr. James Murtagh maintains specialization as a Doctor of Pulmonology, ICU, and Sleep Medicine. Possessing a rich history in studying sleep disorders, Dr. James Murtagh has served numerous prestigious medical institutions, including Emory University, Grady Memorial Hospital, the University of Michigan, Parkland Memorial Hospital, and the National Institutes of Health. The recipient of more than $2 million in research grants, Dr. James Murtagh endeavors to present his findings to the public and has patented two methods for DNA detection. Additionally, he authored two bills for the Georgia State Senate alerting the public about the relationship between sleep deprivation and motor vehicle accidents.

Actively involved in his community, Dr. James Murtagh regularly supports Flying Doctors of America, an organization through which physicians travel the world in an effort to provide medical services to communities lacking the resources for adequate health care. Dr. James Murtagh also regularly donates to Friends of Public Hospitals, various Catholic charities, Old Newsboys Goodfellow Association, and organizations dedicated to tsunami relief efforts.

To learn more about Dr. James Murtagh and the services he provides, please visit SnoreNoMore.com.


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